Thoughts, work as forces, and that force determines what one wishes. Due to circumstances, many have no control over themselves, therefore doing abnormal things which they find them satisfactorily. Sadness, depression, frustration and loneliness have taken control over people lives, plunging them into a dark tunnel, without any control or will power to liberate themselves.

It looks so pretty simple for many people, especially women to make love with animals, but frankly speaking, it's insane. Total sheer madness. If one is lonely, depressed or unhappy, there are thousands of books, doctors and psychologists there to help. Why then must a depressed or sane person seeks her comfort by making love with an animal?

Many women have sex with their dogs and others that want to have orgasm open their legs widely for the dogs to lick their vagina . Disgusting and ugly thing to do. On you tube, you see women having sex with animals including dogs and horses. If by anyway those who indulge themselves in such acts would find their way to see the psychologist, believe me, they will be diagnosed with mental problems. Because a normal, hundred percent sane person can't never make love with an animal.

This is the confession of a girl who saw the family dog 'fucking' her mother. "One day when I was a teen, I went to meet my girlfriend to go to the movies. For some reason, she was not home so I went back to my house and the front door was locked. Assuming Mom had gone to shopping as she said she was, I went to the back basement window which I knew was unlocked to enter the house. Our basement had two rooms, a game room and a workout room with weights etc.

I entered the game room and heard some moans coming from the weight room. I peeped around the corner and saw my mother bent over the weight bench and our family dog, a Black Lab on her back humping her. I heard her moaning and saying "Yes Buddy, Mommie needs it". I could not believe it but soon buddy finished humping her and they lay there with buddy on her back. I scooted back of the house and came back much later." 

From this confession, one could clearly determine the psychological problem this woman had. She was frustrated because for so long she hasn't been 'screwed'. This has made her sick and powerless to control herself. Sleeping with animals as a matter of fact is a complete sickness that needs a remedy. It can even give certain incurable sickness to a person. For those people out there that can't get out from this sick and disgusting situation, try to seek help from professional doctors or institutions.

People that engage animals in sex, must as well know that they are abusing the animals. This act has made many dogs wild and aggressive toward male visitors that come to visit the women they 'fucked'.Those that wouldn't like anyone to know that they had slept with their dogs or any other animal can help themselves by reading books, such as 'The Power of positive thinking and other books on self-coaching. Self-coaching courses are also recommended for people in such situation.